Orso Kitchen and Bar

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Orso is a one off. There’s simply nowhere quite like it. It’s a teeny tiny space, in the centre of Cork city, but somehow it manages to be all things that you want to find, hope to find, and are relieved to find, in a restaurant And it is tiny. How do they do it? We don’t know, but the people of Cork city are sure grateful, and this is one of the hardest tables to snag in the city: Orso is jammers all day long. Whilst the cooking has all the modern tropes you look to find in millenial Irish restaurants - everything from pomegranate molasses to giant couscous, from flatbreads with pulled pork to spiced chickpeas with crispy kale – Orso never loses its individuality, and the styling and seasoning is theirs alone, and beautifully understood and curated. You can’t classify the cooking in any way other than to say it’s warming, alive and full of flavour and goodness, and the staff deliver it with joy. All this, and pretty awesome coffee from their ace baristas. Orso: only in Cork.

51.897391, -8.469837
Tracey Corbett, Conrad Howard, and Judy Howard
8 Pembroke Street, Cork
+ 353 21 2438000

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