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Mary O’Farrell is one of those rarer-than-rare cooks who can not only cook every style of food you can think of, she can also make every style she embraces taste utterly authentic.
So, when you get a taste of Hanley’s beef chilli with cheese taco sauce, guac and sour cream, what you get is the authentic taste of Tex-Mex food at its best. Mary makes a chicken and chickpea masala curry served with toasted almonds and mango relish, and it’s pure Mumbai street food at its best. She makes a hake fritter with a batter using 8 Degrees beer, served with seaweed salt, and Rick Stein himself would walk from Padstow all the way to Kilbehenny just to eat it.
Just as importantly, Galty Valley is a classic example of a food company that keeps developing, keeps moving forward, catering for weddings and functions of every stripe, winning awards, fashioning a fine mobile bar, creating new products, developing new menu ideas, and all whilst staying faithful to the GV classics – the Crowe’s Farm pork with onions and bbq sauce; the classic organic beef burger with GV relish and a warm brioche bun; the foot-long sausage with crusty sourdough; the Black Forest chocolate cake.
If you aren’t already an acolyte of Galty Valley, then you are quite simply missing out on some of the best cooking in Munster. You need to get the GV in your life, and you need to enjoy the cooking of Ms O’Farrell, an imperious culinary talent, a shining star.

52.273762, -8.272591
Mary O'Farrell
Kilbehenny, Mitchelstown, County Cork

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