Blairs Inn

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Duncan and Richard Blair both have that insouciant Cork savoir faire that you only find within the county borders, that impish wit, and impish sense of humour, which means that the ambience of the lovely Blairs Inn is always graced with a casual, consoling comfort. Add to this special sense of place the excellent cooking that the kitchen composes, and you see why Blairs Inn is a Cork institution, a spacial place that everyone is always happy to return to, time and again.
The scratch cooking offers that most precious thing: something you really felt like eating, so bring on the Blairs Inn classics: chicken and mushroom vol au vent;  leek and goat’s cheese tartlet; O Crulaoi’s corned beef with champ; beef stew with Black Rock stout; pork and leek sausages with onion gravy. You can’t tire of this splendid food, and it hits the spot every time. Duncan and Richard and the crew light the fires, cook the food, and look after everyone, with wit and warmth. Precious.

51.922489, -8.649735
Duncan and Richard Blair
Cloghroe, Blarney, County Cork.
+353 21 438 1470

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