KC & Son & Sons

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Chips off the Block, the KC & Son & Sons Story.

KC & Son & Sons is one of those quietly revolutionary Cork culinary institutions, the sort of place that people in the real capital tend to take for granted, seeing it as another part of the fabric of the good life on the River Lee. But if you can gather a little perspective on what the Crawford family do, then you can see clearly that KC & Son & Sons is no ordinary food establishment. For starters, it’s completely wrong to think of it as a fast-food destination. The care, consideration and craft they invest in every element of the food offer means that the cooking here is fast-casual. Yes, your order arrives pretty quickly – after you have queued forever, of course – but this is scratch cooking, from a professional and super-confident team, people who have been doing the good thing for 60 years. But they are more than experienced, they are also creative and innovative, so there might be something new like the Dixie Chick to try on your next visit – chicken breast and smoky bacon in brioche with onions and peppers. Of course, you might decide that there ain’t anything broken with the legendary quarter-pounder, or the Bresnan’s steak sandwich, or the Flying Fish pitta, so you are going to order them one more time. The team here deliver good food, and good cheer, and an always-great experience and, even after 60 years, they are still leading the revolution.

51.877592, -8.436495
Wes Crawford
Douglas Village, Cork, County Cork
+353 21 4361418

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