Jim Crowley

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  • Jim Crowley Butcher
  • Jim Crowley Butcher
  • Jim Crowley Butcher
  • Jim Crowley Butcher
  • Jim Crowley Butcher
  • Jim Crowley Butcher
  • Jim Crowley Butcher
  • Jim Crowley Butcher

If you ever needed proof of the richness, the variety and the skillset that creates the larder of East Cork, all you need do is step inside Jim Crowley’s butcher’s shop, at the top end of Midleton town.
The shop is a tabernacle of treats, packed floor to ceiling with abundant foods, garlanded at every corner with the many awards that Mr Crowley and his team bring home from butchery competitions.
Of course the selection of fresh and prepared meats is at the core of what Crowley’s offers, but this core offer is abetted by the foods of many other artisans, whose produce Mr Crowley seeks out, and sells.
The result is a shop that is, in effect, the most capacious larder imaginable, and with everything of top quality. Crowley’s is, thereby, the true defintion of a super-market: a place where all the good things are gathered together under a watchful, critical and respectful eye.
Shopping here does two simple things. Firstly, it ensures that you will have a wonderful meal, whether you are cooking some good Irish meat from scratch, or selecting some of the prepared foods. Secondly, shopping at Crowley’s gladdens the heart: it is gladdening to see such care, such craft, such professionalism, such assured service. Jim Crowley and his team do it all.

51.917461, -8.175412
The Crowley family
Mill Road, Midleton
+ 353 21 4613542

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