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  • Bodega Waterford
  • Bodega Waterford
  • Bodega Waterford
  • Bodega Waterford

Cormac Cronin is one of the great restaurateurs. It’s Mr Cronin’s hard work, his vision, and his instinctive bonhomie that puts the ! in Bodega!
This is one of the great Irish dining rooms, one of those rooms you always want to be in, and that is all thanks to Mr Cronin’s natural grá for hospitality. He is one of those superb talents who can manage to allow a room to feel free-wheeling, yet you know that he knows every single thing that is going on, and is always on top of everything.
This skill allows Bodega! to always feel pulsing, alive, and at the heart of every good evening out. And Mr Cronion knows exactly the food to serve to hungry people who all want to have a good time: monkfish scampi with pesto mayonnaise and rocket; crab salad with horseradish gazpacho; chicken with potato gnocchi and tomato and olive sauce; fillet steak with mushrooms and crispy onions. This is punchy, urgent, flavour-filled food, food that always hits the spot thanks to its elemental deliciousness.
And that’s the secret of Bodega!’s success: it satisfies all of our most elemental needs, the needs to eat, to be together, to socialise and enjoy company, to drink nice drinks, to search out the soul of hospitality.
The soul of hospitality is alive and well in Bodega!

52.257821, -7.111042
Cormac and Louise Cronin
54 John Street, Waterford City, County Waterford
+ 353 51 844177

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