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Christmas Twaditions

We all have our own Christmas traditions and the taste for tradition begins very young. No-one is more nostalgic about how you carry out Christmas than children. In our home it begins with decorating the tree, playing Phil Spector's Christmas album, and - always - drinking orange miel, warmed freshly squeezed orange juice, sweetened with honey. We asked our twitter comrades to tweet their own twaditions. Here are their heart warming stories:

Music, Mass and Christmas Preparation

10 TwitterPics


We asked some of our Twitter friends to send us a photos of "anything you can eat".  The results make hungry reading (or viewing). Julie from @Juliecheekpoint sent a pic of St Emilion Au Chocolate. Julie's tweets make you so hungry, and she sometimes mentions St Emilion Au Chocolate around bedtime... cruel...  The Foccacia photo comes from @cakeinthcountry, who also sent a lovely pic of mini apple pies. @DarrenBradley sent a very arty shot of Thai steamed mussels from Sheephaven Bay. Gathered, cooked and photographed beautifully, Darren is quite a talent.

Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine: René Redzepi (Phaidon)

Aaron Siskind

The reality of René Redzepi’s wildly-praised second cookbook, Noma: Time & Place in Nordic Cuisine is that it’s as much about seeing, as it is about cooking. The photography, by Ditte Isager, makes this clear. In amidst the shots of food on plates – or on stones – there are photo of the foragers and growers Redzepi uses in his Copenhagen restaurant, and shots of ingredients they collect and grow. The book, beautifully and very artfully achieved, is a parallel to Redzepi’s own journey to find and create a Nordic cuisine.

How did we get into this mess?

With 85billion at 5.8 per cent the legacy of the Government of Ireland to my children, we need to understand just how we got into this mess. The answer is simple:  we have failed to build an economy.

What should an Irish economy look like? it should have world class standards in four areas: agriculture, fisheries, tech and tourism. Ireland does not have world class standards in any of these areas. Our agriculture is a junkie agriculture which survives only on account of subsidies. Without subsidies, we could not even feed ourselves.

Dr Prannie Rhatigan's Seaweed Workshop, November, Bandon

Prannie Rhatigan's "Irish Seaweed Kitchen" is more than just a selection of recipes, it's a book of health, written by someone who seeks to cure. Likewise, her workshop on cooking with seaweed was given by a cook who constantly describes herself as a Medic. This was more than just a demo of recipes with a magical ingredient, it was a close look at how people can use food to keep themselves healthy and active.


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