Twits of the Week - 10 great foodie tweeters

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@Kajuiter gives you a bird’s eye view into the kitchen of a multi-starred chef. He complains about his kitchen designer, worries about service, gives off about Ireland, and lyricises about his garden. Fascinating stuff.
tweet of the week - “Still pushing on, what a night, guys pulled it off nicely, it’s going to be a long clean down i guess after this epic service :-)”

@CliffHouseHotel does the same for front of house as @Kajuiter does in the kitchen, and the play between the two is fun to eavesdrop on.
tweet of the week - “Hotel toasty after a few glitches with heating system yesterday....not supposed to get this cold beside the seaside is it?”

@HeyPestoie a hardworking cook who gives you the news from the point of view of a caterer. Cooking in bulk, but keeping the quality. I’m looking forward to reading lots about mince pies.
tweet of the week - “Wow! Very heavy snow shower. Mince pies becoming a better proposition..,,,”

@lonelyplanet certainly worth following for finding out trends in travel.
tweet of the week - “World’s best festivals in January #lp”

@TanneryDungarva is full of wit and savvy. Maire Flynn is the Twitterer here, and she has a very personal style when writing about Paul, her kids and her customers.
tweet of the week - “I’m just here a couple of hours and the amount of delicious Dublin restaurant gossip I’ve heard is making my hair curl”

@Danlikes2cook mushrooms, blackberries, horseradish, watercress, cobnuts, walnuts, crabapples, pears, greengages, cherry plums, damsons, sloes... these are the foods brought into Dan by his foragers in return for vouchers. Great tweets from a UK chef.
tweet of the week - “home tea smoked organic salmon, wild horseradish cream, pickled cucumber, home made bread. For the party of 25”

@giyireland It’s no surprise to find Michael Kelly using this medium well. A great communicator on an important subject.
tweet of the week - “1 of country's best chefs just came up to GIY stand @ rds asked 4 basil 4 his demo.Basil.In November.Questionable knowledge of seasonality.”

@keithbohanna internet consultant and foodie Keith always has great techie tips. I watch carefully his app selections as well as his food choices.
tweet of the week - “working on a presentation for tomorrow. FWIW I have done presentations on the iPad but for ones with more media it is too clumsy & slow” (via Osfoora HD)

@HarrysDonal Donal Doherty has a way of getting your attention. He understands the difference between promotion and self-promotion, and his tweets make you want to get in the car and drive to Inishowen.
tweet of the week - “Boat lands in tonight, so v early morning fish auction. Selection this time o year lessens. No gurnard for ages :-(“

@italianfoodie no social media list would be complete without @italianfoodie, whose inimitable, personal infectious style has won her many friends and fans.
tweet of the week - Ah Jesus I've 2 big frown lines between me eyes! #passmetheoilofulay #bailout #gettinold