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We asked some of our Twitter friends to send us a photos of "anything you can eat".  The results make hungry reading (or viewing). Julie from @Juliecheekpoint sent a pic of St Emilion Au Chocolate. Julie's tweets make you so hungry, and she sometimes mentions St Emilion Au Chocolate around bedtime... cruel...  The Foccacia photo comes from @cakeinthcountry, who also sent a lovely pic of mini apple pies. @DarrenBradley sent a very arty shot of Thai steamed mussels from Sheephaven Bay. Gathered, cooked and photographed beautifully, Darren is quite a talent. @Dinnerdujour went quite a different route with her compelling photo of a child holding an apple, while JoannaSchaff sent a before and after photo of a delicious-looking Oxtail stew. We show the before. @likemamuse2bake sent a heartwarming pic of Eggnog, and @mychefathome Wendy sent her yummy sundried tomato, cheese and multi-seed scones. We particularly liked @thespicegirl pic of maple-pecan oat scones, and there was a classic photo from @UpliftingFood of Grainne's warm chicken, balsamic fennel, celery and toasted pumpkin seed salad. Finally Rory Cobbe, bless 'im, noted Director of all the best RTE food progammes sent a pic of his boots. Anything you can eat? "I'm that hungry" he captioned.