Christmas Twaditions

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We all have our own Christmas traditions and the taste for tradition begins very young. No-one is more nostalgic about how you carry out Christmas than children. In our home it begins with decorating the tree, playing Phil Spector's Christmas album, and - always - drinking orange miel, warmed freshly squeezed orange juice, sweetened with honey. We asked our twitter comrades to tweet their own twaditions. Here are their heart warming stories:

Music, Mass and Christmas Preparation

Tradition, it seems begins before the day itself @HarrysDonal told us he loved Tea, Real Ham Sambos & Christmas Pudding after glorious singing at Midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Glorious music also plays a part @PhilipVucciria who begins his tradition the day before: My fave Christmas tradition is listening to La Boheme while doing the veg & stuffing prep on night of 23rd - it's soulful. For some the 24th is THE day we celebrate on 24th as we're half Danish. Our first course is Risengrød (rice porridge) with an almond hidden in it by the Nisser writes @JoannaSchaff.

Christmas Breakfast

Breakfast on Christmas morning is a feast in itself for @roryenglish We would never let a year go by without mum's brown bread and blackcurrant jam on the breakfast table Christmas morning! Whilst for @JaneyHurley it's scrambled eggs & smoked salmon for breakfast on xmas morning... every year :-) After Mass comes the next tradition from @Pat_Whelan Steaming hot turkey broth made from turkey giblets and fresh grinder bread after mass, Christmas morning.

Foods We Love

For @IrishParsnip, Christmas tradition means, simply, Spiced Beef. Good combination! And also for @market1788 spiced beef is a seasonal must see. @ImenM writes On the farm, it's bread sauce, potato stuffing, a goose on Stephen's Day + DESSERTS! (Check her blog for details of those desserts). We always have steak & lobster xmas eve, then use leftover lobster for bisque xmas day - 18 years tradition in my family! writes @clarakleinedler Now that's a Christmas table we would like to join. For many others Christmas means smoked fish: smoked salmon supper from @Ummera, @kinvara_salmon or @BurrenSalmon in front of the fire on Christmas Eve is the tradition of Caroline at @Bibliocook. While @LillyHiggins writes I wd never let a year go by without making loads of Brandy Butter & having Hederman's smk salmon!

The Roles we Play

For many people tradition is about who does what, when. @backpedalling Catherine writes my mum carves the ham after midnight mass and we have the neighbours in for doorstop sandwiches.

A Christmas morning tradition in my house is Mimosas 4 the grown-ups while kids open presents, a great start to Christmas Day writes @dinnerdujour. Umm wonder would it be more fun to be one of the grown-ups or one of the kids.

The Christmas pudding is never cooked until everyone in the house has made a wish on it writes @likemause2bake

Sweet Tweets

Christmas is a time for sweeties and treats. For @RoryCobbe it's toffifees and Scott's clan, but the Scott's clan have lost a lot of quality in recent years. Tradition is tradition, however.

@CatrionaW writes We always had a box of Hadji Beys turkish delight at Christmas. They disappeared off market for years but they're back again! While @WeirsPub prepares Shortcake biscuit, covered in mincemeat, baked and drizzled with white Icing, fabulously Christmasy and moreish.

No xmas would be complete, writes @dinnerdujour, without my fave xmas cookie: snowballs/Mexican wedding cakes/Russian tea cakes.

Stephen's Day

The day after brings it's own treats, according to @TheOarsman St Ste's day soup from leftover honey roasted brussel sprouts, chestnut & caramelised onion! Mmm!   Mmmm indeed. He followed this tweet with Oh & throw some lovely Gubbeen smoked ham from Fingal into your St Ste's day soup!!


One of the treats of Christmas comes from those delicious leftovers, leftover slices of Christmas pudding pan fried in butter till crispy & caramelised! yum! writes @susxox.

Then there's the whole subject of white sliced bread. Yes foodies go mad for it at Christmas Something about white toast and turkey writes @deirdren for whom Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without turkey and brie sandwiches on batch bread and making a mountain of mince pies. @HeyPestoie agrees: White sliced bread essential for Stephens day sambos. Never buy it for rest of year! @deirdren goes further: with stuffing, Mayo & cranberry sauce ... Well it is Christmas!

New Traditions

The final word goes to @mychefathome wouldn't #Christmas2010 be a great time to START a #foodtradition #bridgestoneguides #irishfoodies. Mine is @goatsbridge ! :)