Winging the wines of the world

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There are 2 factors that distinguish the wine merchants of Ireland.
First of all, they have great taste. They find the best, most interesting wines, and bring them into Ireland for us.
Secondly, they are super efficient. Mail in some complex, mixed-up order, and chances are a courier is going to be calling you 48 hours later asking where you want the cases brought to.
But, even by these standards, our experience with Wines of the World was something special. We got alerted to the company because they are now handling some of the wines formerly represented by the brilliant Approach Trade Wines, of County Waterford.
So, we went on line to get some of these Spanish beauties but, by the time we had made up our minds, it was after 5pm on a Friday.
Here’s what happened next: it’s 10am Monday morning and our postman, Tim, opens up his van. He has two cases of wine from Wines of the World for us. Wines we had ordered after the close of business on Friday.
How did they do that?
We don’t know, but we sure are impressed with the speed and ability of Kate Barry’s wine company to rewrite the rules of time, and the schedules of An Post.