Food of the Edge and the Twin Eurekas

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Here’s the paradox of Food on the Edge:
Listening to a bunch of international chefs talking on a stage sounds like the most impractical way to understand the state of contemporary culinary arts.
And yet, FOTE is the most practical education any aspiring, dynamic chef can get, without going and working a three month stage someplace.
It happens because of the Twin Eurekas.
The first Eureka happens when you are listening, and you realise that some other chef’s experience exactly parallels your own. You listen to how they solved the challenge, and realise: Eureka! That’s what I need to do.
The second Eureka happens later, when you are at work, and some issue arises. And then, again: Eureka! You recall what some other speaker said about what they did when they were in the position you suddenly find yourself in. And you realise that they have gifted you the solution you need.
And that’s why chefs need to be at FOTE: practical solutions for everyday problems are what you come away with.
And that’s how you move on, and get better, and get to where you want to be.