Win the Ireland The Best Hamper Prize

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This hamper is filled with beautifully crafted, bespoke produce from Ireland, some of which are priceless, but if we HAD to put a price tag on this, we’d say this prize roughly comes to €800. Inside this hamper you will find your very own copy of Ireland the Best alongside a selection of artfully hand-crafted goods including:

A hand-whittled butter knife and spoon from Hewn Spoons

A one-of-a-kind Fingal Ferguson paring knife

A luxurious Holden Leatherbound notebook

Jerpoint Glass jug which has been exquisitely hand painted

Nicholas Mosse butter dish for all your buttery needs

An iron forged candleholder by Paddy McCormack 

A lovingly crafted Tweed Project hot water bottle case for those chilly nights

A lip-smackingly good bottle of Listoke Gin

A hand-woven Joe Hogan basket which all these lovely goodies sit within

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