Tapestry of Light, by Tina Claffey (Artisan)

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If the purpose of great photography is to take something that we regard as every day and unremarkable, and somehow manage to turn it into a piece of art - showing it in a new light, or from an angle you never thought to look – then Tina Claffey’s book, Tapestry of Light is great photography.

A photography and print graduate from the Crawford College of Art, Ms Claffey’s Tapestry of Light is a series of photographs taken in different bog and wetland environments at different times of the year. From winter reflections in Abbeyleix bog, to the lush bog carpet in Killaun bog in summer, and right throughout the year, the book features photographs of bog flora and fauna in both close up shots, and abstracted. The pictures are glorious and transcend their humble origin to make you gasp at the beauty of the bog.

In an age where insect armageddon is becoming a frightening reality, it is even more poignant to see fantastic creatures up close – reed beetles; four-spot orb weaver; damselflies; demoiselles; and butterflies. Tapestry of Light is produced by Artisan House, the publishing company responsible for the award winning Sea Gastronomy by Michael O’Meara, as well as his new book on Oyster Cookery. This is another landmark publication, a book that works as a searing investigation of where we are now in regard to this vivid environment that we should treasure. Hopefully taking joy in these beautiful bog creatures and flowers will put every reader on the path of appreciating, and maintaining, them.