Takekaway - Bean to Bar Chocolate in Ireland [Podcast]

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TAKEAWAY - Bean to Bar Chocolate in Ireland by McKennas Guides

If you thought chocolate began with CDM and ended with Flake, think again. Brilliant chocolatiers are rewriting the book of what you can do with beans and bars. Sally McKenna talks to some of the key players in the melting pot of Irish chocolate.

Thanks to all the people who we spoke to for this podcast: Allison Roberts from Clonakilty Chocolate, http://clonakiltychocolate.com; Hannah and Rachel Dare from Organico Bantry, www.organico.ie, Caitlin Ruth from Deasy's Harbour Bar.

At the Chocolate Factory we spoke to Mark Dougherty (chef with Caitlin Ruth - Babaganoush); Shannen Butler-Keane and Joe McNamee (guests at the dinner). Thanks to all for their contribution.

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