Skerries Alive! The Goat’s Cheese is the bomb

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The Goat’s Cheese is a cookery book collected and collated from the chefs and food lovers of Skerries, by three local friends: Fergus Gannon, Danny Ward, and Pete Radzwion.

And if these three amigos don’t win several book awards for their outstanding production, there there is no justice in this foodie world.

The Goat’s Cheese is a beaut. Beautifully written, photographed and produced, it sets a new benchmark for local books, and it deserves to sell by the truckload. Collaborative books of this nature require an enormous amount of work to get from concept to execution. Some chefs give you pin-point-perfect recipes. Others shower you with confetti. Getting a consistent style and tone is extremely difficult to achieve.

But Fergus, Danny and Pete have done it. This is the best advertisement for Skerries that has ever existed.

Available to buy with worldwide shipping - Facebook link - RRP €25 On sale now in Easons Millfield; Skerries Bookshop. Also on sale in Skerries: The Watermill Café (Skerries Mills), The Goat in the Boat, Olive, Rockabill, White Cottages and more…