Samuel Colville McKenna pours one for Sprocket, in Dublin’s Pupp.

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Looking for a Sunday brunch but can’t leave the dog alone at the house? Well, look no further than to Pupp, on Dublin’s Clanbrassil Street. The walk from town up the hill towards the canal will warm the dog up perfectly for some treats and a nice cool doggy beer (Or a doggy tea for those dogs trying to cut back on the drink), and you’ll be greeted by staff who are just as excited to have your dog there as you are. On the human side of things, the Pupp menu covers a wide range of brunch and early lunch meals, from their signature Pupp brunch with homemade potato bread, beans and scrumptious meats, to a fine smoked salmon with poached eggs, to a delicious greens and grains salad, recommended to be enjoyed with a cup of good joe from Nick’s Coffee from Ranelagh. And, then, there are beautiful cakes for afterwards (Unless the dog has had one too many  by this stage!) As well as the cafe, Pupp is a boutique shop for dog accessories, with an amazing range from costumes to beautiful collars for the special, four-legged friend in your life. Make sure to arrive early, however, because Pupp is thriving on the weekends, as it’s a great spot for both dogs and humans alike. Pupp are founders of the DFAI - the Dog-Friendly Association of Ireland, helping businesses to become more dog-friendly