Samuel Colville McKenna meets with the magic in London’s uber-funky Sketch.

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Sketch, in London’s busiest district of Soho, is not for those looking for a simply pleasing dining experience.

In fact Sketch takes on a fully immersive persona that will leave you wide-eyed-gawking at every design and culinary element they have to offer.

Created by restaurateur Mourad Mazouz and master chef Pierre Gagnaire, Sketch takes art, music, food and drink, and combines them into a true masterpiece. Even the bathroom design is out of the norm, and can be seen on the instagrams of celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift.

Dining in the Gallery can go one of two ways. Either you can be locked in intimacy as the dark yet vibrant pink colour of the room can entrap you in conversation with your dinner guest.

Or you can be sat down open-mouthed-aghast by David Shringley’s crude yet admirable sketches lining the walls, Chris Levine’s AV installation surrounding the room and filling up your ears, or even be flat-out-flabbergasted at the bizarre uniforms worn by each member of staff.

Once you’ve finally gotten your head around what is happening here, which you probably still haven’t, the dining takes culinary excellence to a new level.

A starter of grilled cauliflower, delict pumpkin and London honey purée with aged cheddar shavings and sweetcorn ice cream tends to make you wonder if you truly ever understood food before. The different sweet flavours and creamy textures compliment each other in every possible form.

Then the roasted Basque farmhouse pork chop alongside prune paste with bacon and potatoes roasted in hay manages to wipe the memory of any other meal you’ve once eaten. And, for that second, you are truly engulfed in a moment of magic.

Sketch The Gallery 9 Conduit Street, London W1 020 7659 4500 Dinner 6.30pm-2m all week.