Samuel Colville McKenna gets cosy in Two Pups, Dublin

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At the end of a quiet and barren Francis Street, seemingly lifeless on a cold Tuesday late morning, and just past the B.I.M.M College you immediately get drawn towards Two Pups, run by Kevin Douglas and Zoe Ewing.
As you walk through the eye-catching exterior you enter a small room with wooden benches, tables, and chairs decorated with a vintage feel to create the funky decor of the place, which is seemingly home to all divides of people – from the college student writing his dissertation, to the collection of old friends catching up over a coffee, to the couple exploring Dublin for the first time.
Once you've walked in just to grab a takeaway coffee, you'll struggle to resist sitting down and ordering the delicious eggs on homemade crisp sourdough bread with olive oil, a homemade hot sauce and spring onion. The coffee, supplied by 3FE, Square Mile or whatever Single Origin Coffee Bean is in season, can be served as an espresso drink or from the filter. The menu stays the same for all opening hours as it covers everything from breakfast to brunch to lunch, including porridge, toasties and dahl.
Try to catch Two Pups on a weekend afternoon to hear some live music in collaboration with B.I.M.M., or some of Dublin's finest.

Samuel Colville McKenna