Sally McKenna falls hard for the sublime new Michie Sushi in the IFSC, Dublin

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Michie Sushi isn’t just a food company. It’s a food company with a philosophy. And that food philosophy runs deep.
Just look, for instance, at their crispy salmon skin sushi. It’s delightful, delicious, and it’s a piece of edible philosophy, which comes straight from the Japanese ambition to cherish every piece of every food ingredient.
Eating it makes you feel good, in two ways. Firstly, it’s tactile, crunchy, and divertingly wholesome. Secondly, you feel good to be enjoying, and paying respect to, a part of the fish that the Irish traditionally disregard.
That’s the power of Anna and Michel’s company, which has grown from a small takeaway in Ranelagh, in 2007, to an expanding food empire, all in under a decade. And, at every step of that way across a decade, everything they have done has been backed up with passion, and care.
Their newest restaurant, in the IFSC in Dublin 1, comprises a little shop to buy good coffee and their grab’n'go menu – don’t miss the okonomiyaki pancakes – and bento boxes.
Upstairs, there is a classy quay-view restaurant, where you can eat perfect gyoza, curries, teppanyaki and ramen, as well as the sushi. Those lucky financiers! Not only can they pop out of the office and pop into MS, but the company also deliver and offer a corporate lunch menu.
There isn’t anything Anna and Michel haven’t thought of in Michie Sushi. Not just with the food, but also the style and aesthetic of the room, the crockery, the fittings, and everything comes together to make the food all the more enticing and alluring. And philosophical, of course.