Rick’s Salami

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Rick Higgins is already known to food lovers as the fourth generation of the family to run Higgin’s Butchers at Sutton Cross, in north Dublin, the funkiest and most stylish butcher’s shop you can imagine. His newest venture, Forage & Cure, sees this master butcher teaming up with an Italian friend and charcuterie master, Antonio Princigallo, to create a range of cured meats that include salamis, coppa, chorizo, bresaola and pancetta. Your first reaction to the salamis and chorizos is likely to coo at how stylishly they are packaged – a lot of people are going to be buying these as little gifts for friends. But the serious business of tasting reveals that the salamis and chorizos are authentic, flavourful, superbly seasoned and cured. The F&C salamis are already sold through Supervalu, and it’s a measure of their success that the last time I talked to Rick they were completely sold out of their larger salamis as well as the coppa, pancetta and bresaola. Happy pigs make for a happy product, and the F&C salamis are infinitely better than the imports you will find in delis and supermarkets. Mr Higgins has shown that all you need to make a superb range of cured meats is the smarts and the skills. F&C has got both.