Puffin Cafe, Long Strand, Co Cork

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Puffin Café is mustard. Literally. Spencer Treacy doesn’t hold back from lathering on the mustard when it comes to making a fiery Brick Lane, with salt beef, sliced gherkins and lots – and lots – of mustard.
The Brick Lane isn’t the only thing about the Puffin Café that is mustard. Mr Tracy and his wife, Kate Zinkin, have created a Tardis of design features here, on Long Strand in deepest West Cork, in a simple beachside room, that will surely win them every design and architectural prize going. Every little bit of the Puffin is gorgeous, every little detail shows craft and care and wild imagination, and even before you start with an espresso and end with a two-scoop of vanilla, here is a surprise destination that makes you feel like you have just found the best place in the world. And anyhow: where else will you get a Breville toastie like you used to make yourself when you were a teenager? A West Cork classic, no doubt about it.

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