The Nest, Galway

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‘The Nest you’re staying in is it? We call that a ‘Poshtel!’. That was the uncomplicated wisdom of our friend Sorcha and her nine year old nephew when I mentioned to them that I was on a journey to check out the Nest, in Salthill, Galway.
And, yes, they told me clearly in advance what to expect from this stylish little hub. The Nest was only in its infancy during my stay but it is blossoming into a wonderful child of Galway. Once I stepped into the modern and youthful vibes of the lobby, the manager Keith welcomed me with his devilish sense of humour: “*Gasp* you’re late!”. His childlike sense of humour and bright personality whilst floating around making sure that everything is shipshape is one of the joys of staying here. Keith is warm, chatty and more than happy to give advice on what bus gets into Eyre Square the fastest, or which pubs around the block to try.
The aesthetic value of the Nest is exceptionally chic. Modern, classic, simplistic and clean. The lobby being the epicentre of the hub, where guests enjoy a very sophisticated breakfast: local fresh breads, scones and little pots of muesli to be enjoyed with yogurt. The coffee is great.
The colour scheme is one element that drew my attention as a guest. The rooms are uncomplicated and are exceptionally well kept. Brick walls, wooden tables, beds, and shelves. I was also impressed to see a gorgeous etching, going by the name of ‘Margaret’ which shows a composition of country life; done by local artist Ciara Wall (which can be luckily be bought). The bathrooms are extremely dinky. The sink being the most enchanting feature as it sits on a plank of wood and being small, enamelled and proudly rectangular. Touches of up-cycling pay a visit as loo rolls are displayed on what I believe are old levers!
As for the colour scheme which I mentioned previously, the lighting of the lobby is quite dark due to low ceilings and quite a number of shades of blue, where spectrums of teal come into the equation of how the atmosphere plays with the eye. The lights which are displayed on the ceiling are protected by cages, and because the brightness is a deep yellow and warm in tone, it gives the effect of a Moire pattern. A recipe for cosiness and intimacy, a gift for the traveller who loves creature comforts, and a taste of home.

Connie McKenna

107-109 Upper Salthill, Galway 091 450944