To market, to market, to find the lovely wines of Honest 2 Goodness Wines

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We have focused on our last couple of wine posts on unusual places where you can find exceptional wines. And one of the very best is in Dublin’s Honest 2 Goodness market, in Slaney Close, Glasnevin, Dublin 11, held every Saturday, in the middle of an industrial estate.
It’s here that, in addition to cracking artisan foods, you can find the wines imported by Colm Carter for his company, H2G Wines. Mr Carter has been sourcing good wines from small wineries throughout Europe for the last 8 years, and they share enticing characteristics – a lot of them are organically certified; they aren’t pumped up with residual sugars; they are made by people, not corporations.
You can find the wines in a few of the better wine shops on the east coast, and on good restaurant wine lists. But it’s rather nice to be able to pick a few bottles for Saturday dinner when you are shopping at the market itself, especially when you have a chance to taste a couple of the bottles that they open each weekend. Just recently, Mr Carter was showcasing the Valencisco Rioja Reserva, and a bio-dynamically produced rosé – Casa Benesal – and there are discounts if you buy a few bottles.
I have found the H2G wines to be delightfully characterful, engaging and joyful drinking over the last couple of years. As our supermarkets plough down the road of sugared-up fruit  and alcohol bombs in bottles, we need more companies like H2G to remind us of the culture and dignity of winemaking.