The hottest meal in town is a cool Poké bowl, from Klaw Poké, on Capel Street says Samuel Colville McKenna

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The Hawaiian classic has been brought to Ireland by Niall Sabongi, who we know from his ground-breaking crab shack – the original Klaw – in Temple Bar.

In the swag new room at the river end of Capel Street, you can order from several signature Poké bowls – there are currently four on offer – or else create your own from scratch. The delicious Ahi Poké bowl, for example, is served with fresh tuna, pickled ginger, cucumber, ponzu, edamame and chucka wakame, served over brown rice, and is certain not only to deliver the deliciousness, but will also keep you energised for the day.
Poké as a concept is perfect for a quick lunch on your ownsome, or to share with friends, and there's even a Klaws for Paws doggy bowl, at the door, for your canine companion. There are also lovely lobster rolls and oyster dishes for a good wholesome feed, and tofu Poké for the vegetarian option. The staff are as energetic and energised as the food, and the location, in Capel Street’s food zone, is a perfect stroll across the river from anywhere in the centre of the city. Mr Sabongi pushed the button with Klaw in Temple Bar, shaking up the whole idea of how to cook and serve fish and shellfish. Now, he’s pushed the northside button on Capel Street. Better get that Hawaiian shirt out of the closet.