George Nelson and his team have created one of the glories of the North Anntrim Coast in Babushka

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Babushka is the star of Portrush. But, just so you get the most out of George Nelson’s small-yet-perfectly-formed café, here’s what you need to bring before you walk down to the waterfront:

1. An Appetite
2. A Soapbox.
3. A Megaphone

So, get a seat in this little corridor of a room, order a posh bacon bap and a cup of Nano Challa from Ethiopia, with a slice of salted caramel to follow. Begin to eat, then pause, collect soapbox and megaphone, move outside, stand on soapbox, raise megaphone to your lips and start to holler:

“Good people of Portrush, do you know what a gem you have here in Babuska? Do you know how committed and creative these guys are? Have you any idea how sublime this coffee is? This salted caramel slice is the best I have ever eaten in my life. The posh bacon bap is a work of art. Now, get down here and pay respect to this brilliant crew!”

Step down off soapbox, return to Babushka, start eating again.

Babushka converts critics into acolytes. Mr Nelson and his team are superlative at what they do, and only superlatives will suffice to describe their excellence. Babushka makes your heart sing. It is one of the glories of the North Coast.