Galway’s new boutique hotel is slick, and stylish, says Connie McKenna. If only someone had thought about breakfast.

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The location couldn't be more Galway. The Residence has snuggly fitted itself right within the Latin Quarter. It's a subtle hideaway which begins with a skinny entry into a long modernist lobby.

The Residence takes pride in the framed pictures of cultural pop icons of screen and music. In my room, this meant that I was able to spend the night with David Bowie, Prince and Amy Winehouse, whilst 1980s Madonna stared down at me while I slept. It's funny sharing a room with three dead music icons who have had their framed personas filtered through psychedelic and 'Hipgonosis-esque' colours.

While the Residence has a charismatic urban feel to it, there was one pitfall which I can only be honest about. When it comes to breakfast, there is a serious need to put in some welly.

In the past I have been fortunate enough to stay in places who offer the luxury of delivering a breakfast in bed bag where the foods have been prepared from the heart with time and dedication. For one hundred and fifty euros a night, what arrived in the package in The Residence the following morning was deplorable. The white bag which was plonked outside my door merely consisted of Innocent orange juice (yes I am aware that Innocent market themselves as healthy but there are better local Irish brands); a muffin in a plastic sachet with an ingredients list the size of my index finger; an apple and a ready bought pot of Glenisk yogurt with crunchy granola which was the only tolerable part of this travesty.

At least the Nespresso machine in the room lightened my spirit after the intense blow of disappointment. These items of food could be bought in a petrol station.

It is not difficult to be creative with breakfast menus. The options are limitless and getting it right can be an extremely enjoyable part of running an establishment. Waking up in a room which is not your own should mean that you have the right to start the day happy. If The Residence want to win the hearts of travelling foodies, breakfast needs to be the core of their future agenda.