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Certain things improve the quality of urban life immeasurably. Good buskers. Good parks. Street artists. Intelligent signage. And KC Peaches.
KCP gives Dublin two of the most happening rooms in the city, places that summon the zeitgeist of Dublin 2013. And now, with the new KC Peaches Dame Street, Dubliners and visitors get a third bite of one of the town’s best spaces.
There is a vintage bar – 54 – upstairs, and a laid-back room downstairs with rotisserie meats and tasty sides and good drinks. KCP know what we want, and they know the way we want it. We offer our grateful thanks.

We are privileged to be playing a small part in the third Westport Food Festival, taking place between September 6th to 8th, where we will helm the half-day “Recipes for Success: The Business of Food” conference.
The aim of both the conference and the festival is, says Sinead Lambert Rosso, to “create a legacy for the festival that will benefit the county”.
Mayo has been achieving amazing success as a food and hospitality destination over the last five years, but the people here are hungry, and determined. The use of the term “legacy” is really significant, we think, for it shows a team of people working together for the common good, and for the good of the county. Other counties really need to take note of how these guys are always moving forward. See you in Westport.

It’s all happening in Loop Head, As well as bagging the award for being the best place to holiday in Ireland from The Irish Times, the town’s destination eating address, The Long Dock in Carrigaholt, has won a Great Taste Award for its fish pie.
That’s good news for Tony Lynch and his team, but it gets even better, because you don’t actually have to drive to Carrigaholt to taste the pie. The Long Dock operates a delivery service through Sealyons Seafood Sales, and you can get the pie and their other seafood dishes actually delivered to your door, in under 24 hours.
Fish pie and home made bread from The Long Dock on your own table.
Almost as good as enjoying it in Carrigaholt.

Speaking of place who immeasurably enrich our lives brings us neatly to Bandon’s iconic URRU.
We knew from her reply to the very first question we asked a decade ago that Ruth Healy was the coolest cat. “What coffee do you serve?”, we asked, expecting the name of some hip roastery.
“Sumatran Lingtong”, replied Ms Healy. We ordered a cup, and have been ordering that cup ever since.
To celebrate their decade, there will be a special Producer’s hamper, in three versions priced between €49 and €95, which you can order. The hampers feature one-off products that aren't available anywhere else. URRU has always celebrated and championed the best artisans, and the 10th anniversary hamper will reveal Ms Healy’s acute and eagle eye for finding the very best.