Event, Festival and Communicator of the Year

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Festival Event of the Year - Waterford Harvest Festival brunch at The Granary
Waterford’s Harvest Festival produced one of the great events of the year, when Peter Fowler and his team in The Granary hosted a Sunday morning brunch that showcased the bounty of the county. That bounty was a thing to behold, a pantechnicon of pristine foods, cooked and served with skill by one of the best teams in the country. It was a revelation, and so was everything else that happened over the weekend in Waterford, serving proof that the Three Sisters – Wexford, Kilkenny and Waterford – mean to make their name as the larder of the Sunny South-East. waterfordharvestfestival.ie

Communicator of the Year - Takashi Miyazaki
We all know that Takashi Miyazaki is a formidable cook – he has won more praise for his Japanese restaurant in Cork city over the last two years than any other chef working in Ireland. But over the last years, at food festivals and gatherings and pop-ups, Mr Miyazaki has also shown himself to be a formidable communicator on his chosen profession. If you want to understand the philosophy, and the practice, of Japanese food, then Miya is your man. @miyazakicork

Event of the Year - Launch of the Carlow Institute of Technology B.Sc in Distilling and Brewing
Before Carlow Institute of Technology launched their B.Sc in Distilling and Brewing – due to commence in September 2017 – anyone who wanted to qualify as a distiller or brewer had to leave the country and train elsewhere. So Carlow's visionary 4-year degree course answers a fast-growing need in Ireland, and will surely pave the way to success for the two craft industries in Ireland – brewing and distilling – that have developed and are developing at breakneck speed. Carlow’s degree course is the first step in transforming the Barrow Valley into Ireland’s Napa Valley, and a huge crowd of Ireland's craft brewers and distillers gathered in Carlow IT to wish the degree course well. itcarlow.ie