Enrich and Endure

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You want one, and you know you want one. An E&E apron is just the business.

Founding brother and sister partners Lorcan and Sarah Quinn are the masterminds behind Enrich and Endure, along with their talented colleagues. So what can you make with six talented creators on the team, whose specialisations include rock climbing, yoga, photography, design, art direction, architecture and videography?

The answer is – Aprons. Of course. Aprons.

Enrich and Endure craft the most beautiful aprons from Irish Linen, they make aprons with an ethos, and work in co-operation with the food industry’s finest. Their aprons capture an Amish sensibility – the dignity of labour, the beauty of simplicity, the authenticity of craftsmanship – and apply it to that most humble, essential kitchen tool: the apron. They then capture images of chefs and craftsmen wearing these gorgeous creations like stunning red carpet frocks, only a whole lot better and a lot more real.

Along with beautiful craftsmanship, a distinctive logo, and heritage material, they’ve added videography and photography, and packaged the whole thing up together in one of the best websites we’ve ever seen. They oversee an engrossing Instagram account, and produce great videos to play on various social media.

The company are based in Northern Ireland, from where they send their aprons out to the world. Have fun yourself spotting them on various tv chefs and personalities in television stations internationally, all of which are cleverly recorded on their Facebook page, and add to the desire of wanting – having! – to own one.