Elizabeth Field

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The first person we contacted, after the result of the U.S. Presidential election was in, was Elizabeth Field. No matter what the situation was – a political conundrum; a problem with finessing marmalade; how to cook goat meat; finding the best tweed in Donegal – Elizabeth was always the best informed and most reliable person to whom you could turn. 
We were fortunate that she turned her razor-sharp mind to writing about Irish food for us, here in Megabites and for our guide books. Elizabeth employed – and enjoyed – that muscular, crystal-clear writing style that Americans do better than anyone. Writing about the Sky Road, just outside Clifden, in Connemara, she wrote:
‘A brief meander up Sky Road after a summer dinner gave us but the baaah of sheep, the rustling of trees, the smell of honeysuckle and a drawn-out sunset over the water. This is the place I would choose to truly unwind’. 
What a flawless paragraph of writing that is, as if Angela Carter had bumped into Clarice Lispector whilst the pair were in Connemara. All of the Sky Road is there, in a pair of sentences.
That was Elizabeth’s gift, and we were blessed to work with her.