The Dough Bros have transformed how we think of pizza. It took them all of three years.

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The pizza you order is called a Prawn Po’boy.
Its mix of coriander, burnt chilli and sweet spicy Atlantic prawns has arrived onto that tablet of crispy dough as the wayward experiment of an earlier pizza that riffed on a Vietnamese banh mi sandwich.
The banh mi is gone, but the Po’boy still carries the pickled daikon that featured on the banh mi. Except we have left behind Saigon and today the pizza has turned into a New Orleans blast of prawn and chilli.
At this point, possibly confused, you have to ask yourself: Where are we, exactly?
Easy. You are in The Dough Bros. In Galway. And it’s ok to be confused, because the guys in Dough Bros aren’t confused, and they’re in charge, which means it’s going to be ok.
Sure, where else would you find a Vietnamese-French-Gumbo-Korean pizza?
And one that makes you go: Wow! when you take a bite.
Yeah, this is the signature style of Eugene Greaney and his troop of the coolest guys and girls in Galway, collectively known as The Dough Bros. They know their way around pizzas from A to Z, from banh mi to the Andrea Pirlo (it's a riff on a Neapolitan pizza), from the Buffalo Soldier to the Proper Ham and Mushroom.
‘Fess up time: we are in awe of the way in which these dudes have built their business. You start by losing your job, and then you progress to a food cart, and on to pop-ups, then to a 40 seater on Abbeygate Street, and then on to a 70 seater restaurant in Cathedral Buildings. And all in three years.
Come on! Who can do that?
Dough Bros can, is who can.
They serve pizzas, they have their own beer made by Independent Brewing in Carraroe, and there are wines by the carafe. The design of the room is crazy, the cluster of bodies in the room is always mental, and the pizzas are as good as they get.

The Dough Bros, Cathedral Buildings, 24 Upper Abbeygate Street, Galway 087 176 1662