Cork’s Priory Coffee has brought a touch of Manhattan to Patrick Street.

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Sitting at the corner of North Main Street, in Cork city, between the small local shops and ethnic supermarkets, Priory Coffee is a smart, dainty coffee shop.
We were originally drawn in for a coffee, but were then quickly taken in by the unique style of the room, a style that seems to bring a touch of Manhattan to the other side of Patrick Street.

With a few personal touches, like the bright yellow coffee machine standing in front of the black walls and shelves, and the old photos of Cork city hanging from the wall on clipboards, the decor complements the friendly, charismatic staff.

Following a fine, aromatic Badger & Dodo Americano, we decided to stay for a toastie. This was the right thing to do, as otherwise we would have missed out on the beautifully prepared and presented smoked chicken toastie, nicely balanced with locally sourced sun-dried tomatoes, scamorza cheese, pesto and jalapeno relish, served with a unique touch: thinly sliced, crispy vegetable crisps at the side, a riff that gives potato crisps a run for it's money.

The ambience of the room, the delicious toasties and warming coffee, the sweet-natured staff, all combine to make Priory Coffee a great lunch destination or coffee break in Cork city. The original branch of Priory is on North Main Street, in Youghal where, in addition to the coffee shop, they also serve fish and chips and gourmet burgers.