Connie McKenna gets with the plant power at Cork’s new Vegan Restaurant 143v

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Cork's Lower Glanmire Road is blessed to have this tiny vegan cottage, 143v, in its neighbourhood.
Lauren, the youthful maestro behind this friendly little joint, shows no hesitation as regards the eager eyes studying her as she toils in her tiny pod of a kitchen, quietly cooking her homely dishes: beetroot burger with smoky cheese; breakfast bagel; heavenly fudge brownies; excellent mashed potato. The coffee is good, the vegetable and fruit juices are even better.
The ethos of the establishment has something of a millennial feel to it: simple; unadorned; efficient. Its location – close to Kent railway station, in a part of the city that has gotten neglected over the last decade – and its size is unfussy, and this sums up the casual, feel-good experience of 143v.
As for a vegan eatery, the food is light, simple and straightforward. The blackboard menu is smart and concise, and the room is charming: a small space with plenty of natural light. The savoury pancakes are right on the money. The sugar free brownies with rice cream make for a cheerful pudding. It's a happy place for vegetarians and vegans – and meat eaters! – to enjoy Lauren's home cooking.  A little gem, in just the right part of the city.