Connie and Colin discover hipster heaven in Dingle's Goat Street Social

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Dublin has met Dingle in this little joint. Goat Street Social is possibly the most hipster eatery within the kingdom of Dingle.
Cleverly situated in an old-style building, there is an emphasis on everything being blue within its old-school ambience. Playful decor – ranging from funny faces drawn on milk cartons, to a reproduction of a Banksy in the more spacious light and airy upstairs section – creates a lightheartedness, and conspires to create a laid-back and contented atmosphere: most of the diners are smiling even before the food is served.
The food is fun, and unfussy. We took the route of the seared loin of tuna burger, tomato and black olive and chutney, and chips; and salt’n’chili squid with Asian salad, black olives, beetroot, and sun dried tomatoes.
The black olive chutney served with the tuna burger was simply delicious and, with the sumptuously moist loin of tuna, extra napkins were required - no room for airs and graces with this little number, this is good old arms-in-the-sink eating. The squid was cooked beautifully in perfect circles, and the saltiness of the Asian salad worked thanks to its umami punchiness. And, for a starter size portion, it’s a generous big portion. Indeed, you might need to skip dinner later in the day of if you choose these two dishes, for the portion are as big as the flavours.
GSS is yet another element of the magic of Dingle.

Goat Street, Dingle, Co Kerry

Words by Connie McKenna, Photos by Colin Grant