Connie and Colin admire the art lover’s paradise that is Pax House.

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There is so much to love about what John and his dedicated group bring to Pax House. The butter balls on the breakfast table, on a silver leaf platter. The signature omelette made with cream cheese, camembert, tomato, seaweed and smoked salmon. Molly the cat who is the queen of Pax. The seashells which dominate the scene so beautifully, whether they have been mounted like the proud Nautilus on the living room shelves, scattered around near the bedrooms, or stuck onto circular forms and put into a giant bowl under a painting. Pax has made itself into an art lover’s paradise, sensitively allowing tasteful paintings to narrate the atmosphere. The house is situated on the top of a hill, and the view enables guests to appreciate the stunning Dingle peninsula, so we strongly recommend you request a sea view room to watch the sunrise over the bay. John has thoughtfully placed binoculars on the windowsills so you can do just that - a brilliant way to start the day, in a brilliant house in a brilliant place.

Review by Connie McKenna; Photos by Colin Grant and Connie McKenna