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People s Picnic

Somehow, Elaine Murphy knows exactly what is buried in the Irish subconscious. And when she unearths it, she puts it on a menu, in a new venture like The Legal Eagle in Dublin, and everyone says: ‘How did you know we wanted to eat haslet? And crisp sandwiches? And jelly and ice cream?’ Ms Murphy just knows, and that’s why every one of her eating adventures is so successful, the Legal Eagle being just the latest.

When Jacinta Dalton was appointed head of the Department of Culinary Arts & Services Industry in GMIT, back in September, it came as no surprise at all. For the last several years, Ms Dalton has been a singular dynamo in Ireland’s artisan food world, and no food event on the West Coast could happen without her being involved. Jacinta Dalton makes things happen.

EVENT OF THE YEAR: People’s Picnic @ Electric Picnic
Hosted by Failte Ireland Champions, Jacinta Dalton, Olivia Duff, Patrick Ryan and Niall Sabongi, the People's Picnic was a communal charity event at Electric Picnic, that saw the first ever actual Picnic at Picnic, stretched the length of Mindfield, and raised more than €3,000 for Jigsaw. The foods in the Picnic Boxes were sensational, and the event was a resounding success. Electric Picnic

FESTIVAL OF THE YEAR: The Big Grill, Herbert Park, Dublin
The Great and the Good of the Grill came to Herbert Park in Dublin in August, propelling this inspired celebration of fire and eating into the first division of food festivals in Ireland. There was so much good cooking going on that it was hard to know where to start, and where to stop. And it’s all happening again in August, so get your Whole Hog tickets now.