In Camerino Bakery and Cakery everything is artfully confected, even the porridge

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Everyone loves Caryna Camerino’s cakes.

Especially the raspberry cheesecake brownies. And the filligree cupcakes. And the lemon drizzle.

But here’s a surprising thing about Ms Camerino’s bakery and cakery, on Dublin’s Capel Street: they make a demon bowl of porridge.

The porridge, in fact, is made and finished as if it is a cake. The proportions are perfectly judged, and the fruit is arranged on top with the exactitude and precision of a patissier, then finishd with a drizzle of honey. It’s superb.

With a perfect cup of coffee, it is as good a breakfast as the city offers. It fires you up. It makes you fall in love with this demure, priceless little shop, and its charming staff.

Ms Camerino opened up on this little stretch of foodie paradise a couple of years back, having cut her teeth working the markets. Today, she finds herself on a street which is rapidly coming to challenge the Dame Street-Camden Street-Richmond Street southside nexus as the best food lover’s street north of the river.

What makes Camerino fit so well into this zone is the fact that they take everything seriously, and do everything with craft and precision, right down to the porridge. And that’s what we call lovin’ from the oven.

Camerino Bakery & Cakery, 158 Capel Street, North City, Dublin 1.