Buying from Ireland's first on-line fishmonger – it's easy to Eat More Fish

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This week we ordered fish online from Ireland’s new online fishmonger, Gannet Fishmongers’ The fish came promptly, travelling from Galway to West Cork via a courier, who left it in our local shop (who kindly put it in their fridge until we picked it up).

We ordered fish finger cuts of Sweaty Betty (well we had to: it’s the only place we know where you can get this delicious white fish - proper name Greater Fork-Beard – but Gannet call it Sweaty Betty and the name has stuck); some baby Squid, Megrim; and some thick-cut Cod. The Megrim was “still swimming” as they describe it, so they substituted Black Sole for no extra price. The Squid was superb, but it had already been frozen, so we finished it up quickly in two meals. The other fish could be frozen, so we’re enjoying it at our leisure.

The quality of fish available in West Cork is generally exceptional, but we appreciated the sheer diversity of what we could order through EatMoreFish. This is also a great resource for buying shellfish. They are also champion fishmongers, so you can decide whether you want your flat fish head-on, skin on, or as it is. Your fish can be cut into gougons, fingers, fillets, boned or skinned.

We’re also happy to receive Stefan Griesbach’s follow up emails, telling us about the conditions out at sea, what is in season, and what is coming in. For any area of Ireland where fresh fish isn’t plentiful, this website is a godsend. Even for West Cork, it’s a useful resource for things we don’t otherwise see, like the baby Squid, the Oysters, and whenever the Megrim comes in (Megrim is known as the fish that rarely makes it to shore because the fishermen keep it for themselves.) And of course, that Sweaty Betty.