Burger Masters – The West Cork Burger Company, Cork

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You would be hard pushed to find another restaurant that offers such a diverse and distinctive palette of ingredients as those you will find in the West Cork Burger Company, on Cork city’s Washington Street.
Wait?! A burger restaurant? With a fabulous trove of foods, from Iberico chorizo to Manchego cheese, to kim chi, superb halloumi, West Cork Garlic - smoked (with real smoke), shiitake mushrooms, proper cheeses, butcher's meat, and that is before we get to the burgers themselves, which offer West Cork Wagyu no less.
This cornucopia of good things is prepared by skilled team who really know how to cook, not just to layer ingredients into a bun. And even the bun is delicious, a large floury bap that is the perfect foil to the amazing ingredients they pile inside.
The burgers themselves are either Angus or Wagyu, both sourced from West Cork, and beyond beef there is chicken breast (which they bone themselves), portobello mushroom, halloumi or falafel. If you want vegan they offer a Japanese option with shiitake, miso slaw and vegan cheese. There’s also fish fillet from the English market which comes with remoulade sauce and house slaw.
For the weirdest burger – absolutely delicious – the prize goes to the Rebelvis - peanut butter, raspberry and jalapeño jelly, streaky bacon, Irish cheddar, bacon and fig jam, gherkins and pickled chillies. Believe us, it works.
The West Cork Burger Company is truly a gourmet outfit, and once you find it, you will need to go back again and again to try everything they offer. This is supreme culinary craftsmanship with sublime ingredients, put together with great skill. A gem.