The Brothers Dosirak: Hiding in Plain Sight on Capel Street

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Free egg soup.

Now, who doesn’t want a free bowl of egg soup?

That’s what the Brothers Dosirak offer, at their little shebeen of an eating house, up a walkway beside the meat and fish counters at the side of the Super Asia Foods supermarket, near the River Liffey end of Capel Street.

The brothers are cult. Maybe even beyond cult. Our Dublin friends who know everything about everything know this little eating place, whilst even people who work in this zone have never heard of it. 

And yet here are the Brothers Dosirak – they aren’t really brothers, but, hey – firing out the bibimbap and the beef bulgogi, smiling as they work behind the counter of their little room, and offering the sort of value for money that seems frankly unbelievable in the overheated Dublin of 2017.

The beef bulgogi comes on a tray, with some kimchi, some kimchi pancake, some unnecessary coleslaw and a little tumble of leaves. It is zappy, gratifying food, the sweet beef counterpointed by the fluffy rice. It’s a lovely array of food, and so is the bibimbap, topped with a crisp fried egg that is scattered with sesame seeds and sliced spring onions.

Starchy foods like these Korean classics needs the balance of good pickles and ferments, and the Brothers make sure the bibimbap has an excellent carrot pickle and lots of radish and kimchi.

And then they remind you to be sure to help yourself to some free egg soup.

Now, who doesn’t want some free egg soup?

Brothers Dosirak, rere Super Asia Foods Supermarket, 27 Capel Street, North City, Dublin 1