The bread at Gaillot et Gray is making as big an impact as their original pizzas

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Leonard’s Corner is where it’s at.
Ennis Butchers is moving in. Barry Fitzgerald’s Bastible restaurant, and 57 The Headline, one of the city’s best craft beer pubs, are serious destinations. The unique PUPP is just down the street.
And Gaillot et Gray, on Leonard’s Corner, are baking the kind of breads, and making the kinds of pizzas, that have people crossing the city.
Now: those breads. Want to know why the queue is out the door on weekend mornings to grab one of these sourdough superstars? Their flour is the answer. In the mix of the flours which Fergus, the baker, imports to fashion his loaves, there is linseed flour. It gives the bread a silkiness, a luxuriousness, that is instantly seductive. This bread doesn’t need butter. It doesn’t need jam. Just bite into a piece: boom! Now, that is sourdough. Tht’s why the queue is out the door at weekend.
But hang, on: isn’t GetG a pizza place? Well, yes, indeed it is, and it’s a BYOB pizza place, with 8 different pizzas whose signature style is that they use Emmenthal cheese, and not Parmesan. The signature style is also that they have beautifully thin crusts, as proper pizzas must.
But when you have an oven for pizzas, you also have an oven for breads, so GetG wins on both counts.
Plus, they have beautiful cakes, from a young baker who calls herself The Flour Artist. A slice of GetG sourdough, a slice of of salted caramel and peanut cake from the Flour Artist, and a cup of excellent coffee, is why Leonard’s Corner is where it’s at.