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Ballymaloe will be an extraordinary hive of activity over the weekend as the house and its grounds are taken over with an amazing series of demonstrations, workshops, discussions, tastings, walks and conversations.

John kicks off on Saturday morning at 9.30am discussing the Nordic Food Revolution with Claus Meyer, co-founder of NOMA and Ben Reade of the Nordic Food Lab.

The Nordic Food Lab is the cutting edge research arm of New Nordic Cuisine. This is the most influential food laboratory in the world, championed by food writers throughout the world. NOMA needs no introduction.

On Sunday John will discuss the evolution of food writing with Matthew Fort, writer and restaurant critic. And in the afternoon he will be joined by Nick Lander of the FT and Tom Doorley of the Daily Mail and Hazel Allen of Ballymaloe for the juicy topic of what makes a good restaurant great.

We have two tickets to the Nordic Food talk, and two for the restaurant talk to give away as a special prize. See our Facebook page for details.

Here is the list of Resources that which John will be referring to in the various discussions.

The Nordic Food Revolution

René Redzepi. NOMA (Phaidon)

What Makes a Good Restaurant Great

Joe Bastianich. Restaurant Man (Viking)
Terence Conran. Terence Conran on Restaurants (Conran Octopus)
Nicholas Lander. The Art of the Restaurateur (Phaidon)
Gerry Galvin. The Drimcong Food Affair (McDonald)
Alice Waters. Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook (Random House)
John McKenna. How To Run A Restaurant (Estragon)

Evolution of Food Writing

Elizabeth David. French Country Cooking
An Omelette and a Glass of Wine
French Provincial Cooking
A Book of Mediterranean Food (all Penguin)

MFK Fisher. The Art of Eating (Vitage)
Long Ago in France (Flamingo)

Brillat-Savarin. The Physiology of Taste (Northpoint Press)

Diana Henry. Crazy Water Pickled Lemons (Mitchell Beazley)

Richard Olney. Simple French Food (Grub Street)

Michael Pollan. The Omnivore’s Dilemma (Penguin)

Wendel Berry. The Gift of Good Land (North Point Press)

Patience Gray. Honey from a Weed (Prospect Books)
Work Adventures Childhood Dreams (Edizioni Leucasia)

Paul Flynn. An Irish Adventure with Food (Collins Press)

Sandor Ellix-Katz. The Art of Fermentation (Chelsea Green)

Denis Cotter. The Cafe Paradiso Cookbook (Atrium)

Paul Bertolli. Cooking by Hand (Clarkson Potter)

Tamar Adler. An Everlasting Meal (Scribner)

Claudia Roden. A New Book of Middle Eastern Food (Penguin)

Giles MacDonogh. Brillat-Savarin (John Murray)

Bee Wilson. Consider the Fork (Particular Books)