Athlone - A Destination for Good Food

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Is there any good news to be taken from Athlone’s recent plight at the hands of the flood waters of the River Shannon? Yes, there is. The town has loads of good places whose food gives you just the comfort you need after a brush with the elements. Athlone is a vibrant and happening food destination. Here are some highlights from a recent tour.

The Bastion
This is a really characterful and comfortable bed and breakfast, with just the right sort of rive gauche vibe and style that you want to find when travelling. The Bastion

Fine Wine and Food Co
Claire has brought all the good things from the region – An Olivia chocolates and Bell Lane coffee are just two Westmeath artisan superstars you will find on her shelves – into a bright and welcoming space on the main street. Start the day with a good flat white and all will be well. Fine Wine & Food Co

Sean's Bar
Sean’s is one of the truly legendary pubs, but don’t mistake it for a tourist dive: this is the real deal. It may also be the busiest bar in the Midlands, so jammers that just raising your pint of Galway Hooker to your lips can involve yogic contortions. Sean's Bar

Bastion Kitchen
The café is directly across from the Bastion B&B and offers one of the best breakfasts in the Midlands: we would walk all the way to Athlone just to have that Castlemine Farm sausage bap, which is pretty much the tastiest bite in town, closely followed by superb scrambled eggs. Bastion Kitchen

The Fatted Calf
We recently reviewed Feargal and Fiona O’Donnell’s smart restaurant and their move from Glasson into the centre of town further enriches Athlone’s bright food culture. The Fatted Calf

Kin Khao Thai
The Kin Khao is one of the best ethnic restaurants in the region, and its lengthy tenure on Abbey Lane is proof of its commitment to authentic Thai cooking. Kin Khao Thai

Al Mezza
The local advice is to take the advice of the staff in this simple and authentic Lebanese restaurant, and that way you get to enjoy the sort of food that made Ottolenghi famous. Excellent vegetarian choices and great value, and don’t miss their hummus and the fine Chateau Ksara. Al Mezza

Superlative sourcing and confident excellence are the hallmarks of John Coffey’s defining restaurant on Custume Place. Here is a chef who even conjures up his own Thousand Island Dressing to serve with salt beef, Coolea cheese and Beechlawn Farm leaves. Thyme Restaurant

The Left Bank Bistro
Twenty years young, and steady as a rock, the Left Bank has been the standard bearer for good food in Athlone, thanks to Annie and Mary’s inspired and inspiring leadership. Left Bank Bistro