Ali's Kitchen, Cork

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Forget Batman vs Superman. Forget Marvel. Forget The Avengers.
If you are searching for something that zings like Thor’s hammer and connects like Hulk’s left fist, then you have just one destination in 2016.
Come with us to Rory Gallagher Place in Cork city, and get ready to meet the girl with the punchiest style since Violet Parr in The Incredibles.
Yup, that’s Ali Honour, firing out the food in her smart, open-plan space, Ali’s Kitchen, and knocking you for six with the best breakfast the city can muster.
Start with a bracing cup of Cloudpicker coffee, then plunge into the tactility of a crispy fried egg with sliced avocado on toast. The key here is the crispy-edged egg set against the softness of the ripe avocado, so you get not just lush tastes but also lush textures.
The same is true of Ali’s eggee bread (don’t call it French toast) which has a ballast of cherry compote with its agro-dolce kick, and then a swirl of vanilla mascarpone. These are tastes and textures to luxuriate in, and their charm is best explained by the man at the next table who, told to hurry up by his partner, explained that his danish pastry was “too good to belt down.” Indeed.
Ali’s Kitchen is ahead of the curve, and indeed this cooking and baking, and this kitchen-meets-café space where Ms Honour herself worked to finish off the walls and the electrics, is resetting the curve of modern Cork eating. We’ll be back for the gin and beetroot-cured salmon, and the roast carrot and pepper sandwich with walnuts, just as soon as we can.