Ali Dunworth falls in love with the bright, slick and colourful food of Pang, served in a bright, slick and colourful room.

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Pang has caused a nice flutter of excitement ever since opening on Kevin Street, and featuring their bright, colourful rice paper rolls: these seem to be the restaurant’s headline act.
My head, however, was turned by the promise of Bánh mì, the famous Vietnamese sandwich. The classic bánh mì is a textural overload, encased in a crusty white roll - the airy old school type that is smeared with a layer of pork liver pate then stuffed with pickled carrots and juicy pork belly. Pang has three of its own versions. I bit happily into their Ginger Beef Brisket and they also had on Lemongrass Chicken and a Sweet Potato option, all at €6 a pop: I’ve no doubt these will fly out on this student-packed street.
Then there’s the Pho, a soup I defy you not to fall in love with, made up of aromatic savoury broth, slippery noodles and crunchy veg.  
The headlining rice paper rolls are packed with prawn, chicken, duck and all manner of other colourful ingredients, and served with homemade zingy dipping sauces. These will be a hit with most people, but very much so with the health conscious customer.
Inside, the small Kevin Street store is pretty much exactly like the rolls -  bright, slick, and colourful. Pang seem mainly set up for a takeaway audience, but there is a counter along the window with a few stools for those of us who prefer to sit and slurp. Massive bonus points for being open until 9pm everyday, and also for the spectacularly good miso soup. I’m a fan.