12 Tastes of Summer - Northern Ireland

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Iced candied lemon in Hara, Hillsborough, Co Down
Andy Turner and Roz Allen are cooking food for the Gods in Hillsborough's Hara, cooking so fine that it seems invidious to single out their gob-smacking iced candied lemon with ginger bread and lemon balm. But just one taste will convince you that Hara has the ice cream dessert for Summer 2019. harahillsborough.co.uk

Homemade dumplings in Bia Ramen Rebel, Ormeau Road, Belfast
A dumpling so diaphanous and mellifluous that it disappears in your mouth, leaving nothing but sheer delight. Of course, we all go to BRR for the tip-top noodles, but if the special on the checkerboard promises dumplings, then you need to know there are no other dumplings as fine as these. biarebel.com

Haddock Goujons in The Galley, Annalong, Co Down
Lovely. That's the word for The Galley, Annalong's solid sender of good food and good times. Smartly dressed ladies sweetly look after everyone in this jewel of a destination, and ensure that everything is... lovely. Especially the haddock goujons. thegalleyannalong.co.uk