12 Tastes of Summer - The North West

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Fire Slice Pizza in Castlebar, Co Mayo
The Fire Slice is housed in the cutest little Citroen van, parked sometimes in Castlebar's square, and out of whose fiery depths Valerie Tirmant fires the best pizzas. A Quatre Fromage for you and a Chèvre-Miel for me, and life couldn't be better in County Mayo. TheFireSlice.ie

Mocha in Buoys & Gulls, Bundoran, Co Donegal
Places like Buoys & Gulls and other smart destinations are carving out Bundoran's reputation as a solid Donegal coastline destination. The attention to coffee detail the guys exhibit means every cup of joe is a cause for celebration. Deadly. @BuoysandGulls

Pork Burger in The Nook, Collooney, Co Sligo
The Andarl Farm pork burger they serve in Collooney's little The Nook is called the banh mi bun, and it shows all of chef Eithne Reynold's culinary nous: an exquisitely tactile orb of lush sweet meat tempered with refreshing daikon, pickles and sriracha. Get there early, though: this little room fills up fast. nookcollooney.com

Coffee in The Shack, Marble Hill Beach, Co Donegal
When you discover a perfect beach like Marble Hill Beach, your heart wishes that it could come with a delightful place to have coffee and something sweet. People, your dreams just came true, because The Shack is that place, and Marble Hill is that beach, and Donegal is not to far to go for that perfect experience. @ShackCoffee