La Cucina Limerick

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  • La Cucina, Limerick

Valerie O'Conner has the perfect Mom and Kids Friday night in Limerick's cult La Cucina

"I love the atmosphere in here", was the first thing that came from my thirteen-year-old's lips. The second was "I'll have the lasagne please", as he always does in Italian eateries. We don't frequent them but we will now as La Cucina in Castletroy is the perfect no-brainer for a quick and casual bite. Saying that, you could easily be lulled into the pasta and wine for €10 and pop the cork on one of their excellent vino selection.

This place is hopping on a Friday evening. Tables are few but well placed so as to be away from the queues piling in to collect the legendary twenty inch pizzas, pastas and salads. The Munster team eat here as do much of this side of Limerick. Owners Loraine and Bruno are busy, busy but doing it well with a short menu that ticks all the

Lasagne was just right with tender meat sauce and bitey pasta, and for just €7! My pizza was thin and crispy, scattered with Italian sausage and peperoni and lightened up with a crisp side salad. The small fella asked for chicken and chips, there's always one! But he got them, no fuss.

We had fizzy San Pellegrino fruit drinks and the lads each had a dessert while I had a tall coffee. For €40 this is real value, great food and good fun. Please, please open up in Limerick city centre, we need you!

La Cucina
5 University Court
(061) 333980

Cash only
Open late every day closed 6pm on Sunday