Holly and the chickens

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One of these animals doesn't belong in Dermot Byrne's smart chicken coop: can you guess which one?
Yes, that is none other than Holly, our one-year-old pup, a Scottie-Shiatzu cross, trying to steal some chicken food, as one-year-olds will.
Mr Byrne's coops are portable, beautifully made products, and very ingenious: a small trap door lowers inside the main frame to allow the birds to climb the stairs at night and keep well away from Mr Fox. Being able to move the house means you can keep the birds on fresh grass, thus giving you lushly orange yolks in your eggs.
If you don't want to spend more than €500 to house your birds, and you want to buy something that is both homemade and handmade, then check out Mr Byrne's website: www.irishchickencoops.com
These are lovely pieces of work, and maybe the perfect present for the person in your life who is determined to produce more of their own food in 2009.